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Zimmerle Floors offers a complete choice of luxury vinyl tile flooring products that gives homeowners exceptional benefits

Luxury vinyl tile is actually quite affordable despite the fact that its name makes it sound expensive. LVT is actually priced reasonably compared to many other flooring materials. LVT is fabricated with a natural flooring base even though it contains vinyl. Take a good look at this quality flooring product if you’re seeking a new floor product that’s stylish, versatile, and extremely durable.

Moreover, there aren’t many other tile products that can accurately replicate the appearance of hardwood or natural stone. In fact, the number of ‘looks’ you can get with LVT is almost unbelievable.

How it’s done

  • Luxury that’s affordable – Recent manufacturing technical innovations precisely duplicate the ‘look’ of natural flooring materials at much lower cost. When you stand on LVT, you’ll find it hard to believe that you’re not really standing on slate, travertine or ceramic tile flooring. LVT is much less expensive than most hardwood flooring materials.

  • Style and versatility – Premium luxury tiles provide the authentic appearance of nature’s natural products on a very comfortable surface. LVT will work well in any room of your home, but especially well in areas like bathrooms, washrooms and kitchens where moisture is present.

  • Outstanding durability – Unlike natural products, luxury vinyl tile has a durable construction that strongly resists scratches, scuffs and stains from high levels of foot traffic. This unusual flooring material features a limestone base that easily handles active families, including those that have young children and active pets, without showing any wear or damage. For this reason alone, you’ll discover that many manufacturers offer their customers lifetime warranties for premium LVT flooring.

  • Easy to care for – Regular care for luxury vinyl tile floors, including those that include grout between individual tiles, is easy indeed. You’ll never have to be concerned with sealing, polishing or high-priced special cleaners such as those that are necessary to keep up the appearance of ceramic tile or natural stone. Simple, quick damp mopping is all that’s needed to keep LVT flooring clean.
    Luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring in Lake Jackson, TX from Zimmerle Floors

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    Zimmerle Floors carries a wide selection of LVT flooring from well-known manufacturers. We supply and professionally install this versatile flooring material for homeowners in Lake Jackson, Clute, Angleton, Brazoria and other close by Texas communities.

    Need more information? Phone us, e-mail us, or drop by our store in Clute, TX at your convenience to view our extensive collection of LVT samples and discuss your interest in luxury vinyl tile flooring with one of our knowledgeable flooring consultants.